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    What gear are you using?

    what gear are you currently using for this winter, and hows it treating you so far it be nice if you can give inputs on the gear

    I'll start it off

    4/3 psycho II
    O'neill 3mm gloves/ FCS 7mm gloves (super thick feels like banana fingers puts massive strain on hands)
    O'neill 3mm Hood
    O'neill 3mm split toe ninja booties/ 5mm Rip curl classic round toes

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    Jan 2009
    Virginia Beach
    3/2 H2O Oddesey full wetsuit
    3mm H2O Oddessey split toe boots
    1mm Victory skin guard and hood
    3mm H20 Oddesey 5 fingered gloves

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    5/4 oneill mutant fullsuit
    6/5/4 oneill mutant internal split toe boots
    3mm oneill psycho DL glove

    easily the best cold water setup i've ever owned, im toasty when the waters in the 30's + freezing air.... for as long as i want.

    dont know why i went with all Oneill, i used to have all ripcurl stuff a few years back.

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    Apr 2007
    5/4/3 hyperflex AMP
    5mm drylock infiniti booties (HIGHLY recommend)
    5mm ripcurl claws

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    Mar 2007
    Sea Bright
    4/3 Oneil Heat
    3 Mil Hood
    5 Mil Oneil Booties
    3 Mil Rip Curl Lobster Claws

    Toasty warm this past Thursday in 39 degree water. The 4/3 heat is great..probably get the 4/3 Mutant for next winter's got the built in hood!

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    monmouth county new jersey

    5/4 mutant...full with 5 hood
    3 excel gloves
    3 excel split toe boots

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    Quote Originally Posted by LVl<E View Post
    monmouth county new jersey

    5/4 mutant...full with 5 hood
    3 excel gloves
    3 excel split toe boots
    3mm booties in jersey and your feet doesnt fall off?!?

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    3/2 rip curl
    1mm shirt and hood/ ripcurl hood
    3mm f-bomb gloves (any suggestion on something that will keep me warmer but not stiff?)
    3/5/7mm boots (work wonderfully)

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    Mar 2008
    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    wrightsville beach

    im using a 4/3 billabong foil
    5/4 oneill superfreak booties
    and 1.5 mm oneill gloves with fluid seamweld these gloves are the best i have had so far.

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    Jan 2009
    milton delaware
    Xcel Infinity hooded 5 mil suit - warm as hell every time.
    Xcel 5 mm spilt toe booties. A little cold w/water under 40 but i like the feel.
    Xcel 5 mm drylock gloves - real warm, a little tough to get on w/ drylock band around the wrist

    Rejected this winter: Hyperflex 5 mm. gloves. cold unsealed seams leaked from the start.