I know members hate posting boards for sale, but who cares...we are living in a recession... also, I need cash to take "roots of surfing", my new organic clothing company, off the ground, so I am selling all the boards on the site (http://www.atlanticeastsurfshop.com) for a fraction of the cost. actually I am selling them for less than what i paid...consider it a "fire sale". so if you are interested in one of the boards, now is the time - SEIZE IT!

All NEW Austin and Wynn Boards (minus the Austin Blue/ White Soul Glide- it sold)- $700...holy moly guacamole

All NEW Ward Boards- $600

All Used Boards (in addition, not on the site, is a 8' Bing Trimulux for)- $600

All NEW Dolsey Boards (decent boards- all pop-outs, great for kids)- $400

Winner winner chicken dinner.... see the site below for all the pix or email me...