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    You obviously skipped History class:

    Frankly, I could care less. Obviously you are a Southerner and care more than I do. You are the exact reason I made the crack... Can't win for losing...
    Chill surferman. I said I could be wrong on the geographical standpoint. Lets stick to surfing and not getting into the differences of the US. Just be proud of WHO you are. Not where you are. Or go back North. I surf with everybody no matter where some politician draws a line. OK?

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    As I said, I could care less... You were quick to state that I was wrong - I was simply replying to your incorrect statement - period. In all fairness, you most certainly aren't the first one to try to correct me since I've arrived in SC...

    Zach -- where are you now? OCMD has been my home break for 24 years. While cold, I certainly miss it! I especially miss Assateague... We had a GREAT hurricane season back home -- looking forward to trips this summer\fall.