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    Exclamation Clean Ocean Action Fantasy Surfer!Prizes to winners!

    Hi All, Please come and play fanatsy surfer and help save the envirnoment in the process. Itís tax deductible and fun. All money goes to a great organization, Clean Ocean Action (COA), that strives to keep our oceans and rivers clean. Many of you are already aware of the proposed man made island to store Liquefied Natural Gas off our coast. For those who are just hearing about this insane project I have attached two links about the proposed plan. If youíre interested in playing you will need to make a $25 donation to COA to join the league. If your not intrested in playing you can still send a donation to the address below or donate on-line at
    Clean Ocean Action
    18 Hartshorne DR Suite 2
    Highlands NJ 07732

    So far we have bunch of people signed up. I have some prizes and working on getting more. The more people that sign up the easier it is to get prizes. I am trying to see if my buddy will donate one of the balsa boars he makes and i have few e-mails out to some reps in the surf industry. If you guys plan on playing could you let me know? By the way your two lowest scores will be thrown out and the winner will be chosen by there top 8 scores. There are 10 events this year so people can sign up as late as May and still have a chance to win.

    Thanks Max B

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    Wait, are you saying that you need to pay $25 to join your Fantasy Surfer league?
    I know its for a good cause, but you can play for free.

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    This is the guys email who's running it...
    I just posted it for him..

    And to forewarn you i would assume that he is expecting a donation in order for you to join his arena within if you want to play the league for free in sombody else's Be My Guest..But yes it is for a good cause..So Pony Up Son!