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    spring break east coast.

    well the time is fast approaching for me, march 6-15th, and i am looking for somewhere between North Carolina and New York. cant go the full week because we are moving into a new house so i could definitely get away for 2-3 days at most.

    i know the farther south i go the warmer the water is going to be. the question is which area is going to have a more consistant, even if small, surf. im going to be riding a 7' egg, 6'3 mod quad fish, and a 6'3 fish that i shaped myself.

    which area is most consistent during march? im asking about your past experiences since we all know you can predict the future.

    if its all usually the same ill just stick around nj or md and watch the forecasts and go when it looks good, but if va,nc is going to be consistent then ill try and make it down there
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