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Thread: PR travel

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    PR travel

    The article on traveling to Puerto Rico really gets me going. I have to plan a trip. Anybody have any recommendations on traveling with a family (wife, kids)?

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    PR is a friendly place for you and your family. Most people would recommend that you stay in Rincon. There are many many places to stay from hotels to private homes for rent at all different price ranges. Keep in mind that the wave season is November thru March for that part of the island. There are generally more waves to the north of Rincon, on and off season, but the conditions are not as good as the trade winds tend to blow onshore. If you are interested in the names of some places to stay PM me, I would be happy to give you several recommendations. Also, there is a direct flight from Newark airport into Aquadilla which is only about a 20 min. drive to Rincon. With advanced booking, it usually costs about $270 including all taxes. Good luck and remember that the probability of getting waves is about 50%. It does have times when it can be flat for a week straight, but this is not generally the case.