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    Question on Hooded Vest

    I have a Body Glove Insotherm 3mm with attached hood. The Vest itself fits me perfectly but the hood is too small. Do any of u think its a good idea if I unstitch the hood off and just wear the vest under my 4/3 with a larger hood?

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    Just curious. . .

    . . . is this a question about the increasing size of your head compared to your chest, or is it really about the hood? In either case, ask yourself whether or not your new arrangement will create gaps where water can get in. It might be just as cost effective to buy an 8oz. thermal jersey with an attached hood that will actually fit you. Sell the undersized bib/hood on e-bay to offset your new expense, and the subsequent money exchange will help get the economy moving.

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    well thats the thing my head is big i use to wear an XXL Billabong westuit and the hood fit perfectly that came along with it. I use a XLS now cause i lost weight but my head is normally big and i have a jersey with a hood attached but i want to remove it cause i dont think they sell an XL jersey with an XXL hood