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    Condo 4 rent in Costa Rica

    Fellow surfers,

    I have been traveling to Costa Rica for many years catching fantastic surf. My fiance and I recently purchased a new 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in Playa Jaco on the central pacific coast. This is located only 5 minutes away from the world class break of Playa Hermosa...the most consistent spot in Costa Rica. There are many other types of breaks such as point breaks, reef, rivermouth, and of course many beach breaks for all levels of surfing. It is very easy to get around and communicate in Costa Rica due to the fact that most Ticos speak some English. If you have any questions about Costa Rica, I'll be happy to answer them for you as this country is a very special place in which I know alot about. If you are interested in the surf vacation of a lifetime, check out our web site and also the video feed from Hermosa of the daily surf report.

    Pura Vida!

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    About how much is a round trip ticket?
    A couple buddies and I have been talking about taking a surf trip to Costa but never really found the right time or place to make it happen.