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    Can i see some of your pics from Septmber 21st? I got some good ones that day

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    Chris Tilgman, Eric Green, Mark, Mr. Frist,<<think i spelled that right,..Bryan, Drex, Colin, Waldon, Andrew, Joel, <<not Tice,..and Matt. Those are the ones I saved, to the local drive. All water portraits, nothing great really, just drop ins and bottom turns, but the lighting was great that day, and the shots would look great on the wall, that is for sure.

    Just finished up some papers for school, so I have off for about a week, but I swear that one of these days everyone will get their pictures. I am just so poor right now and pressed for time. Either school or work, and then when we get waves it is in the water I go. It is so crazy how ten years has passed doing the same thing over and over, I have got to get a life.
    If you are one of those persons or someone I know by a different name, please let me know, I would like to put names to pictures.

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    Didn't you say you have some of me