Life guarding is easy job. Not that I life guard, but I do work at the beach. Life guards say crew has it easy. Crew says badge checkers have it easy. Badge checkers say beach patrol has it easy. Beach patrol says life guarding is easy. Either way, every job related to the beach is easy.

That is, life guarding is easy when its not a storm brewin on the coast. If theres a rip and nasty currents, life guards have a tough job. I've seen days where they shut down 4 beachs, and put the guards from those 4 on one beach. The normal stand for the one beach, still on the stand, and the other 4 stands are in the water, constantly.

But how often is that during the summer? 5 days? Rest of the time they sit on the stand and eat. Get tan, swim when you get hot. Get nice clothes, Nice sweatshirts, sweatpants, windbreakers, trunks... you name it they'll get it. (free). As for surfing while you work, its very rare. On the break they do where I work.