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    Cocoa beach fl questions..

    Hey fairly new to the site but really like make this as short as possible I might end up goin to cocoa beach with a friend mid march. I had a few questions that if anyone could help answer i would greatly appreciate...First off, how are the waves in march on avg? Second, will i need to bring 3/2 suite...and finally, surfboard..Im pretty sure we are taking Continental and i read somthing somewhere saying they will take a bag with 2 boards under 70pds one way for $100 (dont know if thats correct)..I was wondering if this would be worth it or if there are any decently priced rental places there..anyway, thanks alot and if anyone can answer any of those questions that be amazing. thanks again.

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    Cocoa is typically mushy, and small:
    When it gets bigger, it's still mushy. Pretty much indigenous to Florida for the most part. Sebastian Inlet can get good, but after cross checking OCM cameras and the Space Coast cams like above for the past three years, on average OCM has more consistent waves and higher quality waves. Florida wins in the warmer water category. Check their current temps here on Swell info. As for board transport costs and guidelines, check the airline's web site and look under baggage policies. It's all there. As for rentals, lots and lots of shops in and around Cocoa, and the biggest gorilla on the block anywhere, Ron Jon. Tourist heaven.

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    im not trying to be a smart a$$ but you might wanna post this in the florida forcast parts as they might know it better than the mid eastern people.

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    might be worth another post in the florida forum, but there's definitely lot more activity in this forum.

    In any case, March is a pretty good time of year for Central Florida. But, as with anywhere on the east coast, it can be hit or miss. Water temps are currently in the mid 60s around Cocoa area, so a spring suit would prob be perfect, but locals who aren't used to colder water will prob be wearing 3/2s.

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    thanks for everything so far and yea i will post in the other forum. thanks again.

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    Maybe if you're lucky you can pick up some Slater magic dust in Cocoa Beach. Kelly wanna chip in??