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    middle of next week?

    Swellinfo pressure/wind maps are showing a storm blowing up to our east next wednesday/thursday. Long way off but its a swell producer if it does what the maps are showing.

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    ya, there are two systems to watch out for for next week. The first one looks to roll through around Monday, and the second one around Wednesday/Thursday.

    Right now, the later system is showing potential for some decent surf as you can see on the wave maps.

    As you track the updates for the maps, you will notice how the model forecasts evolve in time. And the trick to being a seasoned forecaster is to do this on a regular basis, and to understand the biases the models have and how they behave in certain situations.

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    how about chances of waves on saturday or sunday. which is the better day? and is a hood necessary?

    hopefully monday is clean

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    There are chances of snow in many North East cities over the weekend... I am definitely keeping a hood handy.