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Thread: Vince Boulanger

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    yo chaz when is that **** dropping, i can only watch that trailer so many times!

  2. yeah you might have seen me out in the water. i get to surf whenever it is not good enough to film ahha. its tough to do but ive been obsessed with Patience so its gotten easier. I still sneak some water time during filming.

    This July Patience will drop. There will be a full premiere tour. east coast, west coast and some other random places where people have contacted me to show it (portugal, france, aus...) Ill be keeping you all posted. I might be working on a more content based trailer to have out a month or so before it is released. I am working on a blog regarding all things Patience right now. it will be updated today.

    thanks for all the support. Patience would not be possible without the core guys that check this site.


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    Vince sure enough schralpes the pow pow and chaz puts together a good surf flick. Keep representing Ocean City for us boys. Get up with me Chaz, maybe i can have a wave or two in the extras of your next film....

  4. here is some vince

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    I thought Vince had beat Rob one year. There both good surfers and Rob and Vince were probably neck-and-neck in Easterns. Rob never killed him in that contest?