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    Physical Therapy advice from a fellow surfer

    Hello everyone,

    I want to introduce myself to the swell info Community.

    I am a physical therapist, living in the U.S., in Florida. I grew up surfing in Cocoa Beach, FL and now live on the west coast of FL where the surf is down, but I still get to make road trips home for the good swells!

    I have began a website with a FORUM section to discuss injuries, rehab, surgeries, etc... for free. I invite you all to in the FORUM.

    I don't want to take away from this FORUM, but want to establish a place for people, especially surfers, to come, get advice, and help keep everyone in the water.

    If you come look around the FORUM, you will see several other surfers already getting guidance...

    Look fwd to helping out...


  2. thanks, dude. I've been doing PT for months now for my shoulder. I'm hoping that it's gonna one day make paddling less painful! :/

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    CHECK this out

    On my site I have in the FORUM a discussion going about surfing with painful shoulders. IN there I talk about a healthier way to paddle. Chk it out...

    What are you rehabing? Injury, surgery?


  4. i'm a competitive swimmer, and i have impingements. ive had tendonitis for years now

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    You might benefit from the ASTYM treatment... look into it and see if you can find a local provider of this service. REALY GOOD for chronic tendonitis, AKA TENDONOSIS.

  6. thanks for the info!

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