Anyone up for doing some surfing amidst the blizzard predicted tomorrow? Blinding snow and sleet aside, the conditions are looking good at Long Beach. I plan on taking the train out there, getting there around 11...renting a long board at the LB Surf Shop (so I don't have to lug mine through the snow, penn station, and the train) then just trecking from there to the beach? Any good breaks around that area? I am mostly a jersey/montauk surfer, this is my first trip to LB so any advice would be useful. Happy to have some company seeing as I don't know the area well and it might be some sketchy weather. Hopefully I can throw on my 5-4 while still in the surf shop so I don't have to brave the cold. Regardless, it could be an adventure, looks like some good longboard waves. Respond to my post or send me a private message if anyone is interested in meeting up and showing a newcomer where the peaks are. God bless unemployment.