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Thread: Bay of Campeche

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    Bay of Campeche

    Does anyone know if there is decent surf in the western Bay of Campeche in the area around Veracruz. I have watched numerous cold fronts on swell models send huge swell in the area from Tampico southward. This area to the southernmost point of the bay has a relatively small continental shelf, and favorable winds which last for about a full day of the swell before the approaching front brings onshores if they get that far, per the models. If a front were to stall in the gulf, there appears to be 3 or 4 days of huge surf with great wind conditions. The current swell models shows 14 to 18 foot swell on a 10 second period from the recent front that just passed through the US. The swell has been there for over a day and the strong north winds are just arriving now. I have never heard anything about the surf in this area, and I am curious if anyone knows if there is anything decent down there.

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    Tampico Mexico surf forecast:

    Here is the forecast for Nautia, Mexico a little further down.

    This is not live on the site yet, but the forecast data is current. Will be live soon.
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    im sure they get some waves down there, but are you really gonna take a trip somewhere in the gulf?? it would also have to be a front that has real solid north winds, any west on the winds and most of the energy would most likely be headed towards cuba.