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    Stop complaining you ungrateful ****s, there is once again a three piece band called sublime that contains 2/3 of the original members. Yes brads voice, and guitar will never be duplicated but this is pretty sweet. It is much better than a tribute band it is the reincarnation of what we have always known as sublime. ****!!!!!
    hahahaha did you really just start a comment by calling everyone ****s???

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    Quote Originally Posted by beaner View Post
    well without all the original members of the band it's not really Sublime. That would be like Paul Mcartney and Ringo Starr reuniting and playing Beatles songs with two other dudes that sort of sound like Lennon and Harrison and calling themselves The Beatles.

    Anyway, it would be fun to go see Sublime 2.
    Or kinda like Van Halen, or Jane's Addiction.

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    or celine dion

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    AIC tried this and there is no replacing a lead singer who makes the band from a sound and style perspective.


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    arent they the ones that sing "date rape"? i love that song.

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    what is it without brad on vocals

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    yea they have date rapeas a song

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    Nice find. Good for Bud and Eric. Whoever said they would rather listen to Badfish is a complete poser and def. no true Sublime fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zansurf View Post
    It's too bad their a horrible cover band..........shall i fill you in?

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    I don't think Sublime will ever be the same without there old singer, but the good news is I heard the new singer is good. I'm looking forward to see what the new group cooks up.