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Thread: Vince Boulanger

  1. Vince Boulanger

    Vince won the Golden Gloves contest in Jersey yesterday. The kid is an absolute freak show. He is going to blow minds when Patience hits the shelves. rodeos, kurrupts, the kid has the entire arsenal. keep an eye out for him


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    i hear that man, ive known vince for awhile and he straight up rips. out in the water hes no joke. kills it all time time. congrats!

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    Last time I saw Vince

    . . . he told me that he was going back to Hawaii and then South America. But then I guess that's Vince, you never know where he's going to turn up, like at the inlet a year ago and it was just he and Xon out at the inlet.

    That's good to hear. Have a good trip!
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  4. haha yeah we are off to hawaii the 8th and looking like nicaragua after...

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    Vince is just sick at surfing. I really hope he pulls off going pro in surfing. He's got good style and everything. He's beat Rob Kelly and Brett Barley which is sweet because I think Brett's pro now and Rob is close too. Best of luck to Vince and have a safe trip.

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    in easterns rob kelly killed him

  7. you are high if you think that. rob beat vince by point something after they split heats in the double elimination round. I just got back from costa with both of them and they are both killing it. look out for robs section in patience he surfs as smooth as it gets...


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    if you guys know of someone who deserves some extra exposure, we would be happy to do a profile on Swellinfo about them.

    Check out the profile we did on Colin Herlihy a while back... we'd like to get more guys exposure like this.

    If you or someone you know wants to get the exposure, just email some photos/info to

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    Vince is good, easy to see that, even four years ago when he was just a pup. I Just wish I knew who floats the travel money for some of you so I could get in on that and take some warm water shots.

    do you surf chaz? I think I saw you once, maybe even got a picture of you. Do you ever get in the water and shoot?

    Vince is lucky to have someone follow him around on a more regular basis.

    It was easy to tell back then that Vince was not trying so hard to be any good, he just was. Definitely got talent that is for sure. I never understood why a few locals hated on him early on and even now. If you are local to OCMD or the Delmarva, you really should think about what it means for one of the local boys to even get close to making it. It is a good thing for everybody, everyone should try and support our local talent, even if it is just word of mouth.

    i just hope Vince Sticks all his Airs, he has got the rest from what I have seen. I have no doubt he can drop Pipe with size, and go back door. He will take his share of cuts but the kid seems fearless. If he stays fluid on the wave and connects all the sections seamless, sticks his airs, it is all good. At least he will be able to make a name for himself, which he already has actually,

    Don't get it twisted, no one needs to ride his jock, but we should be stoked for him.

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    i had vince in my first heat at the golden gloves, he killed it. it was like knee high and he was doing things that shouldnt be done.