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    whats the best campground to stay at in rodanthe/surrounding areas? i care more about cost and access to the beach than conveniences. thanks.

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    thanks got some good insight from the link, new to this forum..refugee from's forum. seems like a pretty worn out topic but has anyone stayed at north beach campgrounds or rodanthe watersports and campgrounds?

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    i think the rodanthe water sports sounds familiar. The guy is really chill and he give us the best spot really cheap every time we go there. Talk to him and he give a little bit on the price. Don't lowball him either though. Short drive or walk to the beach and has showers.

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    i'm staying in Cape Woods in buxton next weekend

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    for all of you who are camping in the near future...... are you making reservations for a campsite? or is it assumed that there will always be spots open this time of year?

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    ehhhh. I would say it's always better to make reservations. Our school took 2 trips there last year. The first time we just drove down and found a place that was almost out of campsites. The next time we called and made a reservation and luckily we did because the campsites were nearly full when we got there.