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Thread: obx in april

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyav13 View Post
    wow thats awesome. im going for a few days in mid april to frisco/cape hatteras, so you think i will need to bring anything bigger than a 3/2 since i know the water temps fluctuate a lot down there? tried to find annual water temps for frisco online but couldn't find them anywhere, so if anyone knows the water temp range for frisco in mid april that would be awesome, and thanks.

    it says around ~65 or so. says averages range from ~62-70 during that time it seems. i wouldnt count on it but thats a ballpark.

    also i went december 20th which it says was the same water temp (although the air was around 70) and i believe i used a 5/3 instead of a 3/2 and used 3mm booties but didnt use the hood and gloves. surfed for 7 hours straight. so hope this helps. goodluck!

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    for buxton-frisco april will only get as cold as mid-upper 50's,but can get much warmer,too,so bring everything from a bathing suit up to a 3/2 with thin boots and gloves.
    north of buxton's probably different/colder.
    been there at Easter time a lot.
    always waves in buxton,sometimes frisco.

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    Whats the issue? Is it that big of a deal to throw an array of rubber in your trunk to make sure you are covered.