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Zhou Enlai, Chinese Prime Minister from 1949-1976, when asked whether the French Revolution was a success, remarked that "it's too early to tell."

If one believes in Aristotle's philosophy of causality (every event has a preceding cause which was in turn caused by something else, or more simply put cause and effect) then one could view the French Revolution as a longterm cause of WWI. And since WWII was in essence a continuation of the same rivalries with the same goals/problems that were never truly resolved in the first world war, the French Revolution is even a longterm cause of WWII, and since our society, economy, and political stance have all been affected by WWII, one could then argue that the French Revolution was indeed necessary to spark this chain of events.

But then again based on causal belief, one could also trace the current state of the world as effected by the German Unification, English Civil War, Charlemagne, Germanic Tribes, Roman Empire/Republic, and even as far back as the philosophers of Greece and Alexander the Great.

You see Ledzep, every event has played its role in the shaping of the world as we know it today, so it would probably not be correct to state that the French Revolution was a waste of time.

But what do I know... I'm only 16 hahaha
Hmmm... Well, the idea for the French Revolution was to get rid of a Monarchy, but eventually complete socialism took over, got out of hand with the guillotine and The Mountain, and eventually Monarchy was restored again by the Congress of Vienna. When I say waste of time, I mean: How must a Frenchman feel to know that his revolution led to Monarchy... again? The way you talk about it, saying that all events lead up to another thing, no matter how small or pointless, is very deep, and I see how you see it, unfortunately, I can't have those kind of revelations unless i'm by myself and staring into space, like my bus-rides, or right before I go to sleep. Maybe it wouldv'e been better without the French Revolution, maybe WWI AND II never would've happened, maybe we should rename this thread, but it happened after America began a country, so I don't see i affecting our country a whole lot. The French Revolution was partly inspired by America's success in the American Revolution, so without us , the french revolution probably never would've happened (but would it have really mattered???). maybe the whole world should just suck it up, grow up, and get along... In essence, politicians are bunch of spoiled babies dressed up in a suit and tie with a higher vocabulary (except for the good ones like JFK (i guess...). They all want power and money, which is frankly unGodly. I say we should all just live life the way Earth wants us because anything could wipe us off the face of this planet in an instant, and I sure wouldn't want to have spent my life fighting with people about whether or not we should make stuff legal or illegal. (I've just had a revelation).

By the way, I got out of school last Wednesday, so the last few days I've been surfing knee high ripples