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    Animal farm was killer. Macbeth is worse. Catcher in the rye is ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakagrom View Post
    I just finished reading the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It's a lot about a really radical socialistic Utopian society. It was kind of strange but sort of interesting. Anyone here read it?

    The finest Huxley is DOORS OF PERCEPTION.

    Being that this comment lead this thread to revolution and communism there are definately some things that need to be aired.

    You wanna read about revolution, read any and all books on Ernesto Guevera. Dig deep and you'll see where he was coming from, which naturally is the whole point of his passion. Yes, he was a communist, but moreso a visionary. You will learn of Fidel in those books too, and you will lose respect for him.

    The manifesto is interesting in a systematic sense, but being that it's so old doesn't hold much spice in todays language.

    You kids need to go further, but closer timewise. Read books by Krishnamurti (Think on these things, Total Freedom). Check out Kerouac and other beat writers.

    A great, and easy read is The Alchemist.

    Leave the political philosophies behind, none are bulletproof. They all fall to the human factor in the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darippah View Post
    lets all stop reading up on the FR and making believe we actually know something....
    sorry bro that's all from my noggin