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    New Emissions of Light and Sound

    I watched "New Emissions of Light and Sound" the other night, and thought it was amazing. Was wondering if any of you have seen this yet & what you thought.

    I liked the format of the movie. The whole soundtrack was done by Sasha and had no voiceover. Very nice time lapse stuff and landscapes. Definately not surf porn, but it was the most impressive work of art I've seen in awhile.

    I got it thru Netflix, check it out.

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    it is incredible. i love that movie. the edit and soundtrack are just unreal

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    Great movie!!!! This movie will get you pumped to go surf at any time. Love that ****!!!

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    That video is siiick. straight up made for stoners haha

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    couldnt be more right john. soooooooo good if you follow the directions on the packaging

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    sweeet movie...footage was insane and the angles and slowmo were rediculous

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