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    Lifeguards Wanted!

    I am looking for qualified lifeguards for a Delaware Beach. You must be able to RUN 400 meters & SWIM 500 yards "combined" under 10 minutes. If you are interested, please write me a private message. Surfers, bodyboarders and watermen welcomed!

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    How much does it pay?

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    is this a joke 500 yards you can swim 5 football fields in 10 minutes

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    no its not a joke. I swim, i dont do distance in the meets but i can still go a 5:50 in the 500 yrd freestyle. My neighbor who swims for the same high school as me got down to
    4:58 and he was only like 7th in the state

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    No jokes please!

    Mexsurfer, I am not sure if your quote is a joke and I am not sure if I am taking it the wrong way? 5 football fields is roughly a 500. Most of the decent lifeguards (upper 50 %) swim between 5-6 minutes for a 500. That is ONLY a prerequisite for an acceptance of your application. I just tested 5 local high school athletes. All five athletes were accepted for an interview. Their combined times (1 lap around a track and 500 swim back to back) were ALL between 6:00 and 8:15. This does not mean you are good in the ocean. It just means you have something we can work on to build. If you have a video resume that shows you in conditions and handling well at pipe, puerto or something substantial we can also use that as prerequisite. Watermen are always excepted first. Any takers? Let me know. Pay starts @ 11.00 and negotiable.

    Quote Originally Posted by mexsurfer View Post
    is this a joke 500 yards you can swim 5 football fields in 10 minutes
    p.s.: A decent rescue in average 4 foot storm surf takes approximately 10 minutes. That is why many lifeguard agencies on the east coast use this as a starting point! Delaware rescues generally last about 2-4 minutes i.e. the shore break. That is friendlier to sprinters but it's not a worse case scenario.

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    What beach

    What beach are you talking about?

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    jokes...i get jokes

    1) Five football fields is 120 yards long from end the endzone to end of the endzone
    2) A video resume for an $11.00 hr lifegaurding job in DE, of handling conditions in "something substantial" as PR or pipeline?? are you serious? Its DE come on, most of the people that work in NJ/NY and OCMD are not waterman/women and most never will be, but they are still competent enough to manage gaurding the waters of the mid/atlantic states. not to mention most are HS or college kids and are either burnt or to hungover to function day in day out because they are lifegaurds and are enjoying the easy life. I feel you are making out to be something it isnt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Bateman View Post
    How much does it pay?
    "Hey Halberstram, how the heck are ya?"

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    I so can do that with ease. Maybe someday when im older.

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    NJ guy just thought I might chime in here

    This isn't BAYWATCH bro. While I certaintely agree that $11.00 might seem silly for lifeguards who train hard and compete nationally like Steve-o & Sea Colony / Bethany. This is not the case. You have to understand that 11 bucks an hour is a decent paying job down here in sussex in the summer for the flocks of workers getting ready to start looking. This is seasonal, there are no benefits. Honestly I'm surprised sea colony is offering that much money to start up.

    Its basically like this, either you jump aboard at a restaurant and hope for big tips and a $3.00 an hour pay check -- where yes 200+ a night is possible and so is $30 a night -- or you get a job that pays by the hour. Seasonal police postions for example varies from 10-12 dollars up and down the de-md shore. Its been a while since you've been in the hunt for a beach summer job I can tell.

    Your Argument sucks. You saw that comment about video resume, etc etc for a summer job and you took it way to far. The add works to attract a physical hard working waterman or student that wants to do more than sit on his ass in front of a pool you know. That was the message i took from it.