let it go. why do you contradict your self from one post to another? you said earlier that guarding is for burn outs that can do the job ok as is. a now you say that i should groom guards to be watermen and not competitive? my original post says, is anyone interested? if YOU are not, then let it go. you do not know who I am, my agency, my actual pay rates or anything about risking a life. a good lifeguard always practices prevention. if you guarded for someone with validity, you should know that? you make an argument against pay for sitting in a stand, working out, surfing, hanging out with your friends. Delaware is not jersey. It's way more relaxed. Health you say? sunscreen, umbrella, clothing, hat, sunglasses, foot and water, excerise? i think driving in a car is FAR worse for your health and you and I both pay to do that with some gas, a car, inspections, insurance and repairs. you can't see the whole picture honestly. by the looks of it, I assume you are not over the age of 26? i am not trying to be an @ss, it just seems you are bitter for a job that is for the good of others. you mentioned that lifeguards and surfers don't get along is far off. people who don't like other people because of something like guarding or surfing doesn't see much importance in life. there are a million places to surf that DONT HAVE LIFEGUARDS. I surf and guard and I know where and when I can surf with out conflict. But that's the only point I see in your post. Conflict. Let it go. Being bitter towards a lifeguard won't get you anything. The fact that you said, "you moved onto better things" really is a test to the fact that you have not. Guarding is not something you move on from. If you guard and know what it's about, you guard for the rest of your life. It's part of you!

like I said earlier, anyone interested?