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    For the most part I think the lifeguards are pretty cool.. but there are some that think they are gods gift to earth and look down on anyone who doesnt guard.. and for seacolony im not sure if this is true but i hear you do train mostly for competition like your foreign croatian or something doesnt even take the stand but instead just practices paddleboard or something all day

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJSur4 View Post
    Ok I didnt use spellcheck and typed it in less than two minute literally. Why would you chime in? And for your comment pretty hypocritical from an individaul whose user name is a play on a horrible disease. I started a new thread about the lifegaurd thing because I dont want to waste Only Boys love time on this anymore..
    1. There is no spell check. And, as many words as you misspelled you just look unintelligent.

    2. I chimed in because of your childish statement.

    3. Hypocritical? Do you even know what that means? How can you debate my username vs. your statement?

    I'm done now....and will let you continue your pointless but entertaining banter on lifeguards.

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    1) there is spellcheck

    2) i misspelled two words, just more than once. And I am definately not intelligent because I am still go backworth with you clowns.

    3)I do not know what aquaholic means, other than a term for someone who over indulges in drinking water to the point they die. How can I debate it, because your playing mr. PC telling me my childish statement is offensive when in fact you username it itself can be viewed as offensive, in some completely misconstrued sort of way.