It's great to have a forecasting model...and for my favorite break, swellinfo is always right on when calling for good surfing conditions. However, I live close enough to the beach (believe me, I know how fortunate I am in this) that I can go and check on waves when conditions are forecast to be mediocre, and oftentimes, I can find a really nice fun wave when the forecast is for ankle-high nothing.

So, my question...could you brilliant folks at swellinfo, give us a vehicle to "pin" days when certain tide, swell, wind conditions warrant recording. That way, we could have a log of days when conditions provided good days to surf...and we could better forecast for ourselves days that are likely to be good even when models say otherwise.

I tried doing this on an excel spreadsheet, but it's too cumbersome to record all the tide data with wind conditions and swell direction etc.

Just a thought to make the site even more useful.

BTW, the new way in which the swell data is presented, and then the tide below it...makes the best, most user-friendly forecasting site I have ever used, and I look at a bunch!

Thanks for listening.