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    The University of New Hampshire


    I'm a frosh at a college not near any waves ( not why I am transfering ) but I was wondering if anybody could give me any insight on UNH and the surfing scene there. How far is the school from breaks, and do a lot of kids surf there?

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    I go to school in Providence RI but I looked into it. Durham is 15-20 miles (half hour drive) from the NH coast which has some pretty decent rock points and beach breaks. From when I toured there it seemed like most other northeast campuses. Not really a whole lot of surfers but if you dig around and talk to people I'm sure you could find one who might be willing to make trips here and there, I wouldn't expect to find much of a "scene" though. I'd say the most active surf school in the northeast is URI which is right around tons of great breaks in RI.

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    so theres a great scene on the nh coast, the water is cold, but there are great folks youll meet, and pretty stupendous breaks that you can find. the wall in north hampton is less than a half hour from unh with some awesome local shops around. start there and find some gems. hope this helps

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    I'm a sophomore at UNH and I love surfing here. The coast is about 25 min. away and offers a variety of breaks that i think are all pretty good. As mentioned earlier, the water is pretty cold and I don't have a winter suit, but the fall surf was really fun this year hopefully spring will be too.

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    The NH surf scene is pretty weak with the exception of the Pioneers shop. Many surfers think there on the north shore when the majority of the time the waves suck. I grew up in the area and there are some pretty decent spots but without a winter suit you will be facing some pretty serious crowds. My suggestion would be to sack up and make the move to the west coast. Thats what I did and it was the best decision of my life. I now surf at least once a day. Pleanty of schools if thats what your into.

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    I'll be equipped with a winter suit and a quiver of boards, the only thing I will not have is a car to get to the coast

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    i go to USM in southern maine about an hour north of UNH, if u come up check out kennebunk or north of that higgins beach and scarabrough state park beach near cape elizabeth

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    I'ld second the Kennebunk call, but start your search after you get above kittery, great shop called 'wheels and Waves' on Rt. 1 in Wells