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Thread: Lifeguards

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    Never really had a problem with guards, and I always make it a point to go shoot it with them on a daily. Most that I've met surf... well. I think that guarding fits into the equation of being a waterman, and I definately plan to do it sometime.

    Anyway, show respect, because alot of them are us.

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    Like stated in the previous post, most lifeguards are surfers, and usually pretty good ones because of the incredible shape they are in. One life guard saved me (indirectly) when one of my relatives went running to the lifeguard and asked him to get me out of the water because it was foggy! The guard just said "it's nothing we wouldn't have done when we were kids. I know him, he's a fine swimmer, let him be." It was a releif because it saved me from having my ear chewed off, and it gave my relative a reality check that I'm not crazy, she's just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too overprotective.

    Mom's are good for some things but this definitely ain't one of em.

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    dont get me wrong i like most all guards but one story i have of them is when i was in a sub shop in south bethany.. one was a middlesex guard the other south bethany.. the middlesex guy was telling a story of how he saved some 16 year old girl and the next day she brought him brownies and also he said she 'totally wanted him' and the south bethany guard said to bad she isnt a little older after hearing her age and the middlesex guy said i think im gonna go for it state law for consent in delaware is only 16 (saying it with an ignorant ohh yea at the end like he was the man).. and after a little more of them chatting it came out that the middlesex guard was 26.. a little creepy i think (of what i see it seems to be a bit of a trend with guards going for too young of groupie girls) anyone else see or hear of this stuff going on?

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    this summer i was at the beach when zero people were within at least 500 yards of me and the guards still would not let me surf there.

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    but i also met others who will kick other people out so you can surf

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    Guards kick you out because if they don't they get fired. Whether there is someone around you or not, if its not a surfing zone its not a surfing zone.

    That being said. If its gonna rain, and the guards have to sit on the stands with no one in the water, they'll let you surf wherever. It all depends on the crowd... aka the whether, during the summer.

    I've seen guards rescue surfers too, so "but I surf" isn't a legit reason not to have guards. **** happens you might need help one day.

    Guards are chill people, most of them surf/bodyboard. And if it wasn't for the rules set from the boss, you'd be surfing wherever.

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    Only once..

    Only once made a rescue of a surfer...

    Arrived at the beach, saw a hispanic male paddling very poorly in on a surfboard directly against the talbot street rip. (OC). Watched in bemusement/bewilderment for quite some time.

    Finally decided to go check the situation out. Quickly realized the guy was clueless. pulled him out of rip, and he got washed in by wave. Once on beach, and asked where he got the surfboard from... dropped the board and started running like crazy. go figure.

    Keep your eyes on your fries!

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    Early season-late season in OCMD we got "modified beaches" when there's not a bunch of dummies in the water, so they let you ride a surfboard, just gotta ask. But I ride all day cause they can't say anything about a bodyboard. Just gotta dodge kooky tourons.

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    hahaha tourons... that's a good one, never heard it