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Thread: Lifeguards

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    You love'em or hate' em, you are one, you were one, your a lifer. Places that are unguarded or places that are overguarded. Just want to hear some opinions on the the topic.

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    who cares..........................

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    To guard or not to guard. . .

    From my 59 years of experience, most beaches with guards tend to be overguarded in the early season, but fortunately in the course of the summer they generally learn their trade and their clientele well enough to become much more reasonable. The good news is they're there for the ones who really need them and when they need them.

    After guarded hours, it's surfers and spongers who are the primary guards. I know I've pulled out my share over the years, and I've never been a real lifeguard in the traditional sense of the word. It's a job and somebody has to do it or we'll be picking up bodies all along the beach all summer. That's nasty.

    FYI- last I heard, OCM was paying guards $14 per hour, and they need at least 143 to cover 9 miles of beach, plus support staff. Cha Ching!
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    a new thread...

    from a point you never i said, "LET IT GO!" WHO CARES.........................

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    ok, not proving any points here, just asking a general question about peoples opinion. There is hundreds of threads on here I do not have any interest in but I dont go and write "WHO CARES??" on it. Maybe some people do maybe no one does, but who the f are you to determine that?

    Oh yeah thats right your the lifeguard buttin in everyone elses business.

    Why dont you throw in some of your "old salt" stories in here, about the big rescue back in 2002 or, the monster rip that pulled everyone out, or some overdramatized first aid...

    Mdsurfer had valid points and there is not doubt a definite need for guards...
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    Get the **** out....kook!

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    About 10 years ago in OCMD during a massive swell in early Sept, a kid got caught in a rip and 2 guards flat out refused to go in for her. My and a buddy, who was an ex guard, got her out. between the kids dad and my buddy, those 2 guards were lucky to get off the beach unscathed.

    I pretty much hate guards except for the very few cool ones.

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    i do not like lifeguards they kick surfers and bodyboarders out everywhere, like once me and my friend were surfing, my friend as bodyboarding, and we got kicked off of seaview then we went next to seven president and the life guard told my friend,"okay, you have to give me your fins" and my friend said "F*&K you" then we had to go home. they are a pain in th A*%, why cant they just let us be

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    prob because u were surfing in a non surf zone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yamaha racer 686 View Post
    prob because u were surfing in a non surf zone.

    hah yeah. i always just ask the guards where i can surf and if it is not on their beach they tell me where i can find open ones. doesn't hurt asking