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    Fish Rocker.....

    I am building a wooden fish and have a great design for an outline, but am still up in the air for the correct rocker. Its a 6'0" and 21 1/2" wide, i just need to know what people prefer for that size fish.

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    Fish designs is general maintain a low rocker throughout. Slight nose rocker zero tail rocker depending on how "old school" your going. For more modern fishes more rocker is acceptable, but as a general rule you wanna keep low rocker on fish shapes.

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    yeah Zan is right...there is no "correct" rocker. It depends on what you want to get out of the board. If you want crazy amounts of speed, glide, and drawn out turns then make it really flat rockered...Like 3 1/2" NR and 1" TR measured from wont really crank turns smoothly like 6'0" modern fish or make a late steep drop but hey you'remaking a wooden fish so my guess is you want the glide. Post pix when your done...good on ya!

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    Im makin a wooden egg in shop class. Im gluing balsa with mahogeny stringers for my blank. Then im gonna basically carve it out. Its 6'1'' and im having the problem of choosing a rocker. I believe there are templates online somewhere. Google it.h