I've been to Fiji to surf and it's basically what the other posts have said. Tavs is definitely kept on lock down and regulates the line up which I agree with. Not trying to pick a fight with anyone but if this wasn't the case that break would be so over run with locals that tourons wouldn't get any waves. However, there are several breaks within a 10 min boat ride that can be close to empty. Reefs are shallow on the lower tides the clear water will freak you out cause you can see the reefs and fish when you're surfing. I had one hold down where the fish asked me "Why isn't this kook wearing reef boots and a helmet"? People will tell you that you don't need reef boots but that BS. Locals don't wear boots but pasty white folks that live half a world away should wear them for 2 reasons: 1- if you get caught on the inside you will wish you had them, 2- you are half a world away from a proper doctor.

FYI Fijians say "Yes" in place of several words such as: "maybe", "I'm unsure", "possibly", and sometimes even "no". So don't bother asking too many questions once your in Fiji.