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Thread: Save hatteras!!!!!!!

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    my tots ache

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    Where are your sources? What does the actual wording of the suit say? What does this phrase actually mean - "Pea island national wildlife refuge will be closed" - closed to cars, surfers, swimmers, etc?
    All of the above possibly if there isnt a large backing by surfers/fisherman who live around here and the millions who drive from out of town to stay at the houses every spring and summer. Already fishing and driving on the beach has been banned in some areas, which is a huge part of income for the locals since the sound and ocean offer enormous amounts of tasty fisshh. so doyour part chucklehead. dont ask questions just supportt

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    I just did some quick research on this because it sounded so familiar. The lawsuit was settled last year and there were beach closures on the OBX, but not THE OBX. There was a small area that vehicles and pedestrians were prohibited from entering. What is being discussed now is the recommended closings for 2009. I looked at the map (which I have linked below) and there is only slight adjustment to the area that was closed off last year. This does not include S-Turns, Shipwrecks, Rodanthe Pier or any of those other breaks. This is just another case of people, in this case surfers, jumping on the bandwagon and not doing any research themselves. Even Surfline is adding to the panic with the article that they have posted.

    People need to learn to investigate things for themselves and not just take things at face value.