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    Don't kill me-- I'm a kook

    I'm about to embark on a trip to Rincon...only I don't know how to surf. I plan on taking a lesson or two when in Rincon, but once I'm on my own, where should I go to surf? I don't wanna be in anyone's way, etc. and obviously will be looking for manageable waves...


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    Kooky, Go to Domes or Sandy Beach. Don't worry about being a kook, you will have plenty of company and will be lost in the crowd. As far as manageable waves it will depend on how the swell is running when you're there. It could be macking triple overhead or knee high and soft.
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    Best advice is just to paddle a bit further down the beach than everyone else and have fun! Take some lessons, relax, smile and enjoy. PR is a nice place to learn with the right equipment, attitude and instructors!