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    Thumbs down Really Bad Surf Reports for South Florida

    Whoever is forecasting the swell for South Florida such as Delray is doing a Really Horrible job sorry to say. Isn't this site supposed to be a reliable source for forecasting the swell? I'm guessing your not factoring in how the Bahamas blocks the majority of swell. I've basically given up on checking these reports because they are sooo far off. "1-3ft overhead" probably means "knee to thigh high" in this site's case. In the Outer Banks, "1-3ft overhead" means 1-3ft overhead. For all you surfers checking these reports, if they say its going to be "waist high", it means "waste of time"... no offense or anything...

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    I noticed the same trend but not just here at the other sites as well. I've traveled a few times to Melbourne/Cocoa and New Smyrna for some surf and have worried at times, based on the reports, that I might get skunked. I have always been amazingly surprised at how much bigger and cleaner it is particularly in the AM. Here in Miami I wake up and look out the window and when they say two bars I see Lake Placid. When the report has three and sometimes four bars, I see mostly ankle high with an occasional knee high. The reports this week have been much better but in general it seems the surf is always worse than the report down here and better in Central Florida.

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    Question ----- south florida.----start a local surf report!!

    this website for my area is by far the best. someone down in that area should start a local surf report on here (swellinfo ). I do the one for myrtle beach takes only 10-15min. of my time. If anyone wants to do this and needs any help or advice please ask. ( ). Most of the time I do a 30sec. video.
    youtube surf report videos ( ).
    thanks doug bixby

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    Cocoa Beach - Best Place to Bodyboard

    Going for Cocoa Beach for the weekend and would like to know where are the best places to surf?

    Are there restricted areas?



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    Arrow cocoa beach surf spots

    Its been years since I have been there, but we used to go to the air force base or a spot called golfballs, and spanish house. If i was you i would drive the extra 45mins and head to SMYRNA INLET should be going off there. check out danials local surf report
    good luck doug bixby ( myrtle beach surf report ).