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    parking tickets at IR

    Heads Up. Make sure you have a parking permit if you go to IR. Sunday I saw about 25 out of 30 cars with $86 parking tickets on the windshield. I got lucky because I talked to the Ranger and got out of it. It was kinda fu<ked up because there was no place to buy a pass that day, so if you got a ticket, I would take it to court. Anyway, just wanted to give everybody a heads up.

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    I thought they only gave tickets begginning of may till end of september?

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    I pulled in about 5 mins before the rangers got there. We saw them walking up to all the cars but we left before then came over to us. There was a state cop there two the other parking lot. Sucks for everyone who got a ticket.

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    i got one at tower last fall and it was $11...$86 is crazy i would fight that

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    86 bucks??? thats INSANE, thanks for the heads up, i bought a de park permit last week but i haven't stuck it on my car yet...

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    Will there ever be a day when you are allowed to drive on the 4 wheel drive beaches to surf? Why must you be fishing? Yet people who "claim" to be fishing leave trash up and down the beach. I know some are respectful, but many are not. I just don't understand why surfers are not allowed to drive on also. Is there a way to get this changed?

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    sure just throw fishing rods in your car

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    I heard that if you get pulled in DE and you can't pay the ticket at that moment, they take you to jail.