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Thread: day early?

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    day early?

    may not be the cleanest, but more so then other spots, also; with that long period and those s/se/sse winds,...a few spots up north may be worth the look see on the right tides, for the 26th. The DP's have been the prime time for the last week or so, super glassy this morning, before the winds came up during the day. Get it early at your best high tide spots and then shift more north if need be.

    Either way, this March sure has given some love to us.

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    if you can you need to go find yourself a spot quickly before any winds start up. Just a hint of winds since this morning. It is clean/was glassy kind of and a lite mist. Mid south OC was looking closed out and backwashed with the tide coming in. A nice spot north was connecting sections. then as you moved to the line it settled down and was more shory. Thinking about that run north for sure now. Even when/if the winds pick up it should be a go most of the day for both sides. Get on it, long period heavy sections to be found.