I'm planning to try these on but I want to know your opinions/knowledge about these couple of wetsuits if you have any.

Here's my deal:
I want to be warm 1st and foremost. Quality/endurance is 2nd criteria as I want something that can last me a 5-10 years (I only surf about 5-15 sessions a year). Performance/comfort is just but not essential...since I'm still pretty much a novice surfer.

Due to the distance I live from the beach and other non-surfing commitments, I usually only get in between 5-15 sessions a year. The primary season I surf is summertime, but I want to buy 1 suit that I can stay warm from April through November to give me plenty of options/opportunities if they present themselves.

Here are the suits that fit my price range that I'm contemplating buying (basically <$200):
Option 13/2 JetPilot Capsule
price $182
100% flex/ sealed & taped seams / polyfleece lined

Will a 3/2 sealed/taped full suit be warm enough in water temps getting down in the mid 50's? I have my doubts. As a point of reference, my very old O'Neil Reactor suit doesn't work keep me very warn in water temps below 63 degrees. My Reactor only has flatlock seams though (not taped/sealed like the JetPilot) and cold water flushes through all the seams pretty much all the time. Same for the back zipper.

Option 2: 4/3 Hyperflex "Flow"
price $190
100% flex/ sealed & taped seams / polyfleece lined / waterproof chest zip

Option 3: 4/3 O'Neil Epic 2- CT
price $180
100% stretch / sealed / water resistant zipper

Main question I have regarding these 3 options is if I find any defects or problems with the suit after just a couple of wearings, which companies have the best warranties and can get me a fixed up suit (i.e. best customer service)?