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    Any surf breaks south of Assateague?

    There are alot of miles of beachfront from Asseteague down to the Bridge tunnel. Anyone surf in-between these areas or know of any spots of easy access (i.e. not requiring $$ permit to drive down the beach for miles, but instead can park and have a short walk to a beachbreak)? Just wondering since it seems shameful we pack ourselves in like sardines during the summer months at just a couple of breaks in OC, IR, Henelopen, Tower Rd. etc. but yet there is hundreds of miles of primarily undeveloped beaches just south (or north if your coming up from VA Beach). Just most folks, I don't like crowds and would be will to drive a little extra to find a quiet but decent spot.

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    the irony of this post is that you are asking for suggestions to uncrowded spots on message board accessed by hundreds of people daily...

    not trying to be a jerk...good luck in your search.

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    That's dune cougar territory. Remains undeveloped because it's about a 50 / 50 shot at surviving the walk (run) from your car to the lineup.....and then you have the rapid dolphins to worry about.

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    Ocean City, MD

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    i sure would like to explore the breaks of the eastern shore of virginia, but every time i drive through there i keep hearing "dueling banjos" playing. it's really disturbing.

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    Squeal boy... SQUEEEEEEEEL...

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    are you frickin kidding

    yeah i will draw you a map then post it on this page so we can turn these places into a kook pit like de and oc in the summertime. the best things in life are best kept to yourself.