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Thread: Surf Injuries

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    Surf Injuries

    Whats the worst you've ever had and how long have you been out of the water because of it? I am into month two of rehab on a slipped disk in my neck. It is not fun at all. Hoping to try to paddle around in some nice clean small stuff this weekend in DE to see how the neck/back responds... need to get ready for a week long CR blowout in June and need to get some water time asap!

    Just hoping to commiserate.

    I also remember back in the day when the jetties of the North Shores were cooking all the time. I went over the falls on a dredger and literally almost broke my back - landed face first on dry sand and then the lip tried to fold me and half the wrong way! Ah those were the days...

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    sucks man. Take care of it before pusing it, so you dont have life long issues.

    Here is a 40+ post thread on the same topic not too long ago:
    Surf Injuries

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    cool thanks. Yeah I am going real slow, but dying to at least paddle around.