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    CR / Panama CARIBE!

    I've been to both too. Puerto is out of the world and scary much of the time (for me anyways). CR has so many options and in early Feb the caribbean coast works well. Go to Cocles/Salsa Brava on the CR east coast. You'll probably get salsa brava going insane - hawaii style, and also have the chance to hit some clean, clear, mellow beach breaks if you'd rather have a chill session. In your rest time the vibe is extremely mellow and fun. Food is amazing, and the place is inexpensive. If you have some $ you can hop on a boat and surf some of the islands in N Panama too. Sounds like a pretty sick trip to me!

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    Well now i have to go to puerto, i cant afford costa. I can afford puerto because my brother owns a condo space and he lets me stay in it for free. But last year i went in spring and theres spots with some smaller 6ft. So im going to puerto, but thanks for giving me your opinions.