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    Nosaras, Costa Rica

    planning a trip there-anyone been?

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    yes, and ive also been just north near playa marbella, we stayed at 'the sanctuary'. nosara was kind of soft, although bigger. marbella was super fun, barreling and long. just make sure that you plan for a week where high tide will be in the morning because the wind turns onshore at about 11am...then calms down just before sunset..sun comes up at 5 though if you go during the rainy season. did i mention that its a mile and a half long beach break, and maybe 30 people come out when it's cranking? we hit up spots north of marbella some days too, and drove back same day and surfed it in the was always 3 feet+ bigger than any other spot. locals are really nice there, and there's a really good place to get pizza just before the road to marbella beach.

    make sure to rent a 4x4 or else there will be no way for you to travel north of nosara during the rainy season, because you need to cross some fairly deep creeks....and they're always full during the rainy season. oh, and bring a fishing pole/pole spear...the rocks near marbella are holding.

    if you have any questions, just reply...we go to nica now, so happy hunting on the guanacaste.

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    Yeah, I have been there a while back. Great place. very laidback, and ofcourse the surf is good. Get ready to paddle a little, b/c nosara breaks out a bit on bigger swells. Heard its been really good lateley, I would recommend it. Plenty of little spots around Nosara as well.. Nosara is an easy wave to get into and can be rippable at times.

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    where were you today pfox? it got pretty fun around mid tide falling.

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    I can vouge for marbella. That spot was by far the best in the whole area. Playa Avillianas(sp?), grande, negra were all really small but every morning we'd shoot down to marbella and it would be us and less than 10 other people surfing the best spot in the area. The guy above me is right the tides play a huge roll at this beach break though. Try to get it on an incoming tide and you could have some fun.

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    where were you today pfox? it got pretty fun around mid tide falling.
    He was playing in the mud. where did you go pawley?