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    is the water still that cold?

    hey guys ,

    have you guys seen anyone surfing without boots and gloves??

    cause i got a oneil 4.3 but i dont have anything else, how is the water in ny?


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    wayyyyy too cold still .....wait until late may/june until you drop the gloves

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    in nova scotia the water is hovering about a quarter of a degree above freezing..

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    Definitely too soon. Maybe you would be good for 20 minutes. You can maybe get some deals on gloves and boots now that it's towards the end of the season. It would be a good investment, they last years.

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    agreed with all the above. expect to be in boots and gloves probably for the next month at least. though you could probably last for a while with a 4/3 and all the right gear - i used a mutant 4/3 all last winter