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    Shortboards and winter wetsuits for sale

    6'4" performance shortboard Xtreme (shaped by Bill Johnson)- 3 glassed on fins, in good shape, water tight - $150

    6' performance shortboard HIC - 3 FCS fins, kelly slater traction pad, good shape - $375

    PM me if you are interested.

    or e-mail

    Located in Sayville.

    View pictures HERE
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    u think i could saw about a foot off one of those boards, and use it in the 'pumpin' surf here in long island? would make a sick cover shot, and help my application to the WQS

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    yo, u shood post sum pix on surfsolo. it wood help much...

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    damn u sold the challenger already?

    yo if u sell that old school wrv u owe me half!!!

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    Updated for sale board stock