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    Quote Originally Posted by rDJ View Post
    Go to the annual Anything But 3 East this year September 26th in Harvey Cedars and meet some of them.
    I thought AB3 east was on May 16th?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchell View Post
    I thought AB3 east was on May 16th?

    There were too many scheduling conflicts. We decided to move it to the fall when we have warm water and a chance at a tropical swell.

    Date is now September 26th with a no-wave/rain date of Sept 27th. We are planning a lot of improvements so it should be a good time!

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    Webber Fatburner vs. Dan Taylor Roach

    In the long run you will likely be happier with a hand-shaped (hand-finished, if cut on a machine) DT. Just make sure when you order from DT you specify a heavier/denser foam blank with a thicker stringer. Also request 6 oz glassing in place of 4 oz glassing. Get a polished or sanded gloss coat, too. For a groveler, you do not need a stupid-lite blank and glass job. DT's shipping costs from Costa Mesa were really reasonable, too as I recall.

    GSI Webbers and other brands and models are always being blown-out price-wise on the internet - warehouses full of them all over the place. The caveat is these guys make it up on the ridiculously high shipping charges.

    These PU/PE pop outs are not durable - the epoxies are stronger, if you have a choice. New Surftechs and Boardworks are a step up from the generic GSI's.

    The only reason I do not fully agree with RDJ is that the CA and Hawaii surfboard factories just make so many more boards both currently and historically. They also have access to all the foam manufacturers,and fin&box companies as well. The East Coast, other then the Central Florida based builders, is just not there in the same way or level. I would order a CODA board from Melbourne, FL way before a Dan Taylor - no question. Google CODA Surfboards.

    Bryan Wynn boards do look nice - I would pass on the others referenced (from what I've seen). Good luck.
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