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    Becker surfboards Cali

    I ordered 2 oniell wetsuits monday, waited a few days, then checked the order status, and they canceled my order.. Didnt send me an email as to why they canceled, or that they were even canceled it.


    anyone know where I can find an oniell reactor wetsuit. black with the white stitching?
    theyre the 07-08 model.

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    why dont u call them up and find out what happened.

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    I think carries them. But ya you should call that place and see whats up. haha i remember my friend and i met you in OC and you let me try your longboard. good times.

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    yeah call em up, ive dealt with becker a few times and never had any problems

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    banana- Im down there every week or whenever there's swell. drop me a line next time you're down there. always looking for a crew to paddle out with