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    small fun surf today

    knee-stomach high sets, clean at the LB. good to see all the local boys, balaram and alot of the unsound crew, out and about; pretty talented young guys, pullin into small barrels and makin it out... so refreshing to see some actual talent around NY, pretty rare you see that in these waters. its like you travel everywhere and see people who can actually surf, then you come here and ya see mostly wankas pearling the nose and cartwheeling down the face on knee high waves... . all in all, for new york, pretty fun lil day out there at the right spot. just stoked to be leaving NY for costa rica in 8 hours! good lil warm up sesh. time for some beer... cheers!

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    props to local NY surf-grom superstar Balaram Stack, making national headlines blowin it up out west with some dope shots in a recent surfline feature:

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    Balaram Stack three 10 point rides in the NSSA Easterns: