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    patagonia or xcel

    i want a 3/2 wetsuit for the beginning of summer and for the fall. I have narrowed my search to 3/2 xcel infiniti drylock or a 2m patagonia front zip fullsuit or 3/2 oneill psyco 2. I think the patagonia would be lighter and more flexible because it is thinner and it is still supposed to be as warm as a 3/2 because of the wool inside it. Any reviews on any of these suits(esp. Patagonia and Billabong)? Any suggestions on which to buy? I am looking for a suit that will be good for water ranging from about 55 to 65 degrees (+ or - a few degrees)
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    ive never had a patagonia wetsuit but i have one of their epoxy boards which is well made

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    yeah they make very good products and i hear the warranty is really good but i still want a feel from someone who has wore it. I am also looking at the Billabong 302 Solution Platinum Zipperless Steamer

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    i have a billabong 3/2 wetsuit, which i dint see you mentioned that, I like it but i think thats its a foil which is a good wetsuit in terms of warmth. Its not as flexible as other ones that are more expensive but if you are looking to not spend a lot of money then i would just go for the foil

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    I wear a Billabong Revolution zipperless steamer and i think its real flexible and warm. I would go with the Solution Platinum, they are very well made and probably really flexible.

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    I would go with the patinum cause it sounds like money to spend but if your on a budget go with the foil