I would definitely look into the Patagonia suits, as they are made with limestone-based neoprene which has a far less environmental impact. If you're interested in that type of material, also check out Matuse suits, I believe it's the same type of materials and all, it might just be a cheaper cost, I'm not sure.

But I strongly encourage you (and everyone) to always look at buying surf goods (boards, suits, gear, etc.) with an environmental eye. By that I mean looking at what the real cost is to produce, what materials are used in the production phases, shipping costs/impacts (it takes fuel/CO2 to get that product to you, if shipped), and how long that might last you, what you will do with the gear once it is no longer of use to you.

And with saying that.. look into some used gear. I cannot stress this enough! You can find so much cheap stuff all over the internet, and even then it is usually shipped, you won't be purchasing virgin materials, so you save that cost/effect in buying used. By buying used, you're saving landfill space, giving old gear a new fresh start, helping a bro out by buying from them, and going easy on your wallet!

Think about it. Please take my humble words into account during your decisions.