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Thread: Quivers

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    May 2008
    Ocean City
    Umm someone lighter probably could but it takes drops like a champ, and its fun to ride. Hard to do real snappy turns due to all that volume in the nose, so it's more like riding a single fin but its a lot of fun thats for sure.

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    5'6" - Lost RNF - Aviso
    5'10" - JS AI5
    6'0" - JS Flyboy
    6'1" - Lost Psyco Ward
    6'1" - WRV Rounded Pin - Flexlite
    9'6" - Yater HP

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    5''11 chemistry quad
    I'm working on getting new boards,i'm looking in to a 5''10 dan taylor everyday squash and a firewire flexfire(not sure what size to get). If anyone has any boards similar to these let me know how they ride

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    Sep 2007
    Ocean City
    Let's just say I have more boards then I need, but not as many as I want...............

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    May 2007
    5 6 WRV RNF
    5 10 Sharp Eye (retro rocket with a small swallow)
    6 1 Atlantic Gulf Pacific surfboards single fin, i wanna say it has a moon tail
    9 6 Robert August

    like Zan said, looking for a nice step up. any recommendations, i wouldnt mind a nice round pin either
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    7' no name funboard
    6'3 canyon(pop out but it does just fine)
    6'3 modern fish with glass on keel fins(s/g myself)
    6'8 performance short(s/g myself)
    9' longboard modeled after a DaCat but 1 inch wider(s/g myself)

    just finished up the fish so i hope there are some waves for this weekend. i would love to try it out. im sad that i dont have the shortboard ready because it should work really well in head high +

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    looks like 5 is the lucky number
    5'11" pro am 80's fish
    6'3 spectrum
    7'0 heritage? 70's
    7'7" hatterass
    8'0 greg noll decat original found it in a garage attic
    9'0 spectrum

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    5'10 rusty redline quadrabolic (eps with 4 stringers running the rails)
    6'2 al merrick proton

    im thinking of getting a 5'6 lost RNF quad for the small summer days.
    how does anyone like them that heave them?

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    Just a few.

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